Hedge Trimming

Hedges are a great choice for boundaries and decorative features as they create privacy, security, provide shelter and help to reduce road noise.

Hedge trimming and hedging for Gloucester and Surrey

Top Gardeners provides a complete hedging and hedge trimming service, whether you require a one-off service to reduce those overgrown hedges in and around your property or you need maintenance and tidying of already established mature hedging to give the garden a smart look. We can source, plant and care for new hedges. Or bring life back to a tired looking or patchy hedge by planting new hedging whips where necessary. If you prefer the more natural look to your hedges, rather than the smart, uniformed look, our team of skilled landscape gardeners is happy to put down the hedge cutters to be replaced with secateurs and loppers to give a tidy but natural shape to your hedge.

Tree Surgery for Gloucester and Surrey from Top Gardeners

We deal with hedges of all types, shapes and sizes such as Taxus (Yew), Fagus (Beech), Taxus (Yew), Fagus (Beech), Prunus (Laurel), Prunus (Laurel) and Leylandii.

All of our work is of the highest standard and we always remove all the hedge cuttings and clippings if required.

At Top Gardeners we also lend our expertise to tree work and tree pruning. We are able to deal with small to medium sized trees. Our gardening services here range from complete removal of a tree and stump (including logging if the wood is wanted for the fire place), removal of dead and dying branches to seasonal fruit tree pruning.

Similar to hedging, we are also happy to site, plant and stake new trees with irrigation, whether to add to an existing area of woodland or to create a focal point or point of interest in your garden.